Diamond Jubilee Window boxes

I took full of advantage of the good weather on Monday to pop into Fulham Palace Garden Centre on my way back from a client's in Richmond. I'd spent the morning knee deep in a major declutter of her office so was fully deserving of a little reward in the form of bedding plants.

I normally have my window boxes planted by now but as it's been raining incessantly I've had no desire to get out there and be soaked to the bones. So with the sun shining I was inspired to finally get those boxes planted for the Summer, what Summer I hear you say? It's not looking too hopeful right now i know. Oh well, we do live in hope that a hot British Summer will finally prevail despite this rather lacklustre beginning.

This Summer is all about celebrating being British with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, I read that the borough of Hackney were encouraging it's residents to plant red, white and blue flowers in preparation for the hosting the Olympics. That stuck with me and I decided to do that myself over in Fulham ready for our street party.

In keeping with our Union Jack colours, I got bright red Geraniums, trailing Sapphire blue lobelia and some pretty white flowers that will eventually grow over. I'm looking forward to seeing them blossom and grow, hopefully in time for the big day, as they're looking a little meagre right now. Happy gardening everyone, would love to see photos of your Jubilee planting!