Pembrokshire Pt 2: St David's

As you know we spent Easter weekend Pembrokeshire which we fell madly in love with. I cannot believe I've never been to the area before. A lovely morning was taken up with visiting the picturesque St David's where the imposing Cathedral dominates the city. It was granted its city status by the Queen due to the Cathedral though it does remain the size of a small town that attracts a huge amount of visitors. In fact, it is the UK's smallest city. It is quite an arty town with many small Artist's studios and galleries, who obviously take huge inspiration from the spectacular scenery that surrounds it.

Bluebells are a particular favourite of mine and these were so pretty lining the old stone wall.

The Cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage since the 12th Century and remains just as popular. It is of a beautiful construction, simple wood and stone pillars are offset by stunning mosaic and marble floors. The organ, especially, is an impressive instrument. St David's, named after Wales' patron saint who was finally laid to rest there is at the heart of the Welsh church. He was born in 500AD, about ten minutes South of the City at St Non and it is said that he founded the city of St David's in 550AD. The Pope at the time, Clixtus II, stated that two pilgrimages to St David's were the equivalent of one to Rome, hence it's popularity with pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

Daffodils abound in and around the Cathedral, I now understand why they are the National Flower of Wales. They are everywhere.

The remains of the Bishop's Palace, right next door, were really rather eery. You could almost see the Bishops striding around with their long robes flowing behind them.

This leaf shot was taken by my husband who was experimenting with my camera, I rather liked the effect!

There is noticeable aura about the place despite the hordes of people, one gets the sense of being somewhere special. Fine architecture, majestic scenery and beautiful art conspire to make you want  to return. We're already planning our next trip.