Brighton Shopping...

Oh how I love a good credit card bashing! Brighton is a shopping mecca with all the normal high street shops, a few designer ones thrown in for good measure but it's the small independent and vintage stores that Brighton is really known for. The shopping area centred mostly around The Laines, which are full of antique jewellers, is fantastic. We also discovered for the first time the small craft/art shops along the promenade filled with gems.

If I had to recommend one shop in Brighton it'd be England At Home, a stunning interior design shop which quite honestly if I had the money and the space, I'd have bought its entire contents. As it was we bought Pop corn holders, a Rabbit Lamp and a 7 inch vinyl frame, that was about as much as we could carry. Another wonderful place to browse is Choccywoccydoodah. The most incredible chocolate and cake shop. However Do not, I repeat Do not go there if you're on a diet!

Below is a small selection of our purchases:

A pretty button heart for Matilda's room made entirely from Vintage buttons.

Finally a frame for an original recording of Enid Blyton reading Noddy.

Don't know if this was Matilda or for her Mummy - at a bargainous £37.99 we couldn't resist.

This one is definitely for the Husband and I, if we can't realise our dream just yet of going around Europe in one, we'll just gaze upon this each until such day that it comes true.

For me and Matilda when we get out the Annie and Calamity Jane DVDs.

Loving my new oilcloth - £5.99 pr metre! That was the bargain of the weekend.

This was a rather naughty shop for women but I loved the pretty courtyard exterior. Cute isn't it, hiding the strange implements that inhabit the shop behind the Fuschia pink door.

Buskers animating the narrow, winding Laines.

I just loved this 50's style dress.

Where else would you get a couple of stripey deckchairs enticing you into the 'original and best frozen yogurt'?

A magical shop which I found hard to get Matilda out of, it's everything to do with Alice In Wonderland. Mind you, I fell in love with it as much as she did. They also have a little theatre upstairs too, so do check it out!

Get Cutie is where we bought our gorgeous Bird cushion, I spent ages in there browsing shelves upon shelves of stunning clothes and home accessories made from vibrant Vintage materials.

I so wanted this bathing suit and the Russian doll dress! Oh this shop was a girl's dream!

As you can see we had a great afternoon browsing and soaking up the atmosphere of the unique Brighton shopping. Nowhere else in the UK gets it this right!