What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday, we were teased with a full beaming sun and warm Spring like weather. Today we're back to cold, grey misery so this post is all about cheering ourselves up with Spring flowers. Matilda and I popped into our beloved Fulham Palace Garden Centre for a browse late yesterday afternoon. We ended up coming out armed with Hot fuchsia Primulas ready to fill the empty window boxes. Upon departing, Matilda turned back and said 'bye bye flowers see you soon have fun'. Her trade mark phrase that bought a smile to the people standing at the exit. Aww my girl.

Here they are in all their glory and a couple of my magnolias that are now beginning to bloom. Oh the joy of Spring where plants begin to awaken, flowers pop up and bring us such happiness. Even if you don't have a garden a small pot of bulbs on the windowsill is just as uplifting. Happy Planting!

My new Purple Sage looking rather resplendent too.