Megan's Deli & Restaurant

There is nowhere I'd rather be on a Sunday morning than having breakfast at Megan's in the New Kings Road. It had been a while since our last visit but Mother's Day could not pass without the Megan's Eggs Benedict.

We arrived to a rather empty place at 10am which was lovely as we got to have a real snoop around, generally it's way too busy.  Within 20 minutes of our arrival the place had indeed filled up. The garden looked so pretty but with the slight chill in the air despite the glorious sun (which the BBC weather men had not predicted for yesterday) we decided to sit inside overlooking the garden.

The service is warm, friendly and the staff were fantastic with Matilda who actually was very well behaved. The husband ordered the Full English, me the Eggs Benedict and a bacon sarnie for Matilda. The one thing I'd say about Megan's is that they do not cater for little ones, I asked whether it'd be possible to have a half portion of the smoked salmon on toast, to be told that it was all arranged so they couldn't do it. I found it a little odd as all it means is using half a slice of the amazing sourdough bread instead of a whole one, and half the amount of salmon. Oh well, a minor point but one that maybe worth considering as I'm sure lots of children are taken there to eat.

The food here is just sublime. I can safely say that even if they're not the best they are amongst the best Eggs Benedict you'll ever taste. The eggs are perfectly runny and golden as they spill out into the Hollandaise sauce. And there's plenty of that too. Here the eggs are served on top of perfectly crusty sourdough bread with slices of prosciutto and rocket. It's a winning combination for me and this all washed down with a large latte is my idea of perfect bliss.

The husband loved his Full English and Matilda's bacon sarnie seemed to go down well, we finished it off which was hardly a chore. The bacon had been chargrilled, it was nice thick cut bacon, the type that doesn't disintegrate. And her fresh Apple juice was delicious too.

Portions are generous at Megan's and the prices are reasonable considering the area it's in, and the high quality of the food. Lunches are also divine though I've never been for dinner. Time the husband and I got a babysitter and tried out their evening menu! They also do outside catering, make their own jams, sauces and oils. Plus I'd recommend it for an informal party or even a wedding especially if the weather is right to make the most of that magical secret garden. I would urge anyone that hasn't had the pleasure of eating at Megan's to make a special trip whether you're local or not.