Baileys Fish and chip shop, Fulham

Always on the hunt for a good fish and chip shop in our local area since our beloved place in Fulham High Street closed last year. I've even taken to driving to Shepherds Bush for the wonderful Kerbisher and Malt, however since the Hammersmith Flyover closure at Christmas, I've avoided driving that way like the plague.

A few weeks ago I was walking down to Fulham Broadway, when I went past a newish looking place called Baileys in the Dawes Road. It looked decent enough, better than the greasy looking joints around Munster Road and North End Road. So, I made a mental note of it for next time we were craving a bit of traditional British fare.

Last Friday we were without dinner and, I didn't fancy mustering something up out of the store cupboard, so suggested we took a drive down there on our way home from work. Hesitant but thinking it couldn't be any worse than the other divey places in the area, the husband went off to order whilst I waited in the car. He returned with a nice brown paper bag with a big smile on his face suggesting 'think you're going to approve'. Apparently, the place was buzzing and the guys running it were delightful by all accounts. I can only go by what I ate, the Wholetail Scampi with Chips served with homemade tartare sauce was fantastic. None of that old oil smell or taste, in fact I looked at the paper bags the chips came in and there wasn't a hint of grease. The Scampi tasted fresh, firm and straight out of the sea, the chips perfectly cut and fried. The husband had a Pie and Chips with curry sauce which he also reports to have been very good indeed. They don't skimp on portions either, there was more than enough to feed both Matilda and myself from one portion. I cannot recommend the food highly enough, if you're local please do go and support this business, all too many independents are being forced to close down, victims of rising rents and lack of local support. So please everyone look around you and try out those small independent places, you may surprise yourself. And if you're in Fulham get down to this fantastic new place with generous portions and small prices!

Baileys, 115 Dawes Road, London,  SW6 7DU
020 7385 2021