Matildaderisms, the language of my toddler...

A while back one of Matilda's Godmothers, Isabel, gave me some very sensible advice, to write down all of Matilda's little funny words. Did I take that advice? Did I heck! So here I am now thinking I'd better get those down on paper before my unrecovered baby brain makes me forget.

So here we are:

Moonnight (night time)
Pubilles (pencils)
Agua (water)
Coat on boots on out Mummy
Ower (shower)
Ohjuice (orange)
Tita (Matilda)
Affa (Alexander)
Copter (helicopter)
Bummie (fart)
Come On Daddy Come On
dress, o'wer, out Mummy
milkie (milk)
naw nee naw nee naw nee (ambulance/police car sweetly she's got it the wrong way round)
s'fun (it was fun)
wuss (fish)
byebyeseeyousoonhavefun (didn't you know it was all one word!)

Aside from these little quirks her speech is developing rapidly and she's even managed a few more words in Portuguese 'Bom Dia, Adeus, sala'. She now comprehensibly tells her Daddy, upon his arrival home, about her day, and what she's got up to. Last weekend though, she discovered the process of playing us off against each other, amazing how that has happened since we obviously don't do it ourselves. Her Daddy told her she couldn't watch 'beebies' because he was watching the Rugby, so she came running into the kitchen, where I was, to say 'Mummy, Daddy, Beebies, No' in a very sad whiny voice. I couldn't believe it! Aged two and playing mind games already! The following day she did a similar thing, thankfully there's not been a recurrence. Though it makes you wonder how she developed this kind of knowledge, children certainly are amazing creatures.