Oh how I long for the days when I could just lounge on a Sunday, do nothing at all just get up when I wanted, watch what I wanted, eat when I wanted. Or if the mood took me bus it into town, have brunch with a girlfriend, indulge in a cocktail or two then spoil myself with some retail therapy.

These days I'm rudely awaken by a screaming Toddler yelling Mummy, Daddy, Morning, Milkie at an ungodly hour. Today was no exception - 4.45am. There was no way I was having that on a Sunday so off I went, heated up some milk, whisked her up out of her cotbed and into bed with us. After a little persuasion she finally nodded off and so did we thank goodness. The husband kindly got up with her at 7.15am and, I slept in til a blissful 8.30am. Pancake making ensued and the decision on what to do with our day. I fancied Anita's Vintage Fair in Notting Hill but in my heart of hearts I knew that the toddler would much rather run around a park with her beloved 'coco' scooter...

So guess who won?

Yup she did! So we jumped in the car and drove out towards Windsor Great Park. Whilst driving around we came across the lovely Windsor Farm Shop, with plenty of space for her to run around whilst we had a warming Latte, and some retail therapy for me albeit only great meat and vegetables at rather good prices! No sign of designer handbags or shoes anywhere just blossoming, beautiful Spring bulbs.

Sometimes it's astounding how much my life has changed from a glamorous (well some of the time) dashing from First Nights to Premieres to Meetings to parties to Selfridges to back to the office! Now I work from home, have Matilda with me most of the time, am permanently shattered but you know what I love every minute. I am a partner in a successful and growing business, time is my own. I can escape to Petersham Nurseries for a coffee if I want when I want, I can take the afternoon off if I so wish, work late into the evening to catch up. But most of all having my daughter is the most precious job I have and nothing can better that. Watching her take a genuine interest in her surroundings, finally cracking colours this week (she can now identify red, green, blue, black and pink!) to taking pleasure in her devouring her 'pubbils' (pencils) and craft sets, singing songs together her favourite being Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is such a joy at the moment that both the husband and I just relish every minute we spend we her. The most amazing thing is that she is now actually making us laugh, she has a naughty sense of humour which I'm sure we'll enjoy watching develop. Sod the cocktails and heels, coffee and scooters is where it's at now!