Rediscovering Brompton Cemetery

This morning was a little hectic to say the least trying to get ready for an early meeting, the husband rushing off at 7am for an interview, then getting Matilda up, fed and dressed ready for the hand over. We finally made it out of the door and down to West Brompton to meet the suited and booted Husband, so he could whisk Matilda away whilst I went to my meeting. Childcare has been put on hold whilst the husband is 'resting' as an actor would say. Anyway, got there in plenty of time so decided to walk through Brompton Cemetery to my meeting just off the Fulham Road. I hadn't been through it since I was a little girl. We used to live a couple of streets away so memories of learning to ride my bike there came flooding back, but since we'd moved over to the other side of Fulham I'd never even thought of retracing those precious childhood steps.

However macabre this may sound I've always enjoyed walking through graveyards and cemeteries, I find the messages on gravestones fascinating, imagining what these people's lives were like. This curiosity became even more obsessive when I lived a stone's throw from the Pere Lachaise in Paris, where I'd spend hours with my book or camera photographing people's names that grabbed my attention or beautiful poetry written by families for their lost amours.

I'd forgotten just how magical Brompton cemetery is, especially on a morning when its beauty is all the more enhanced by the layer of pretty white frost covering the ground and statues. An oasis stretching between Old Brompton Road and Fulham Road, it was eerily deserted today except for us walking through. Tombstones and elaborate statues crowd the grounds, and live side by side with the birds and squirrels. Its main focus is the imposing Domed Chapel which sits in the centre of this rather haunting place. The buildings here are listed such is their importance in this corner of West London. It's the perfect location to come and clear the cobwebs from your mind, peaceful, delicately bewitching, calm and inspiring. I felt clear headed and optimistic when I reached the gates on Fulham Road ready for anything that the Client might throw at me.