Looking back at 2011...

To say it was a mixed emotional year would be an understatement. Tears, laughter, frustration, inspiration have all taken part in our lives in 2011. All in all we have had a special year learning from, teaching and enjoying our little girl. She has gone from taking her very first steps on Sunday 16th January to now beginning to construct sentences, her grasp of language is impressive to us, considering she is learning two languages at once. Mostly her words are in English but she fully understands Portuguese whilst only employing a couple of Portuguese words: Cao (dog) and Agua (water). We now can understand her language, every morning she lies awake playing in her cotbed but as soon as one of us comes in she says 'morning Mama, morning Daddy' or even a 'ello'. During she day she repeats consistently everything we say to her.

We've been lucky to have travelled a fair amount during the year namely to France at Easter, Portugal in June then three wondrous weeks in Brazil in the Autumn. We've had several weekends away in Suffolk, the Cotswolds, Hampshire and Scotland as well as numerous day trips. Mostly they focus on children's activities these days but that's the price you pay to see her little face light up in yet another farm or zoo. Much time has been dedicated to family and friends, wonderful fun weekends messing about in the country, long lunches dominated by much banter and made up variety shows from the kids. Also some much needed girls nights out where troubles are aired and resolved with sound advice.

This last year has seen our families say goodbye to two dear Uncles who will forever be in our hearts.  Our faithful 14 year old car finally gave up the fight the weekend before Christmas. We also waved au revoir to the Husband's job when he was made redundant in November (if anyone knows of any Media Credit Control jobs please get in touch!).

On a positive note our business roomtobreathe is going from strength to strength, with word of mouth spreading our good reputation and work ethic. It's been a joy to be able to help small businesses and individuals improve their lives gaining for them that most precious commodity: TIME. I also began writing this blog in the Summer, which has given me such a new lease of life. I love sharing our precious moments and memories with you all, the feedback and mentions I've received have been overwhelming. 2012 is set to be filled with many more whimsical adventures and delightful experiences, I can't wait to share them all with you. A big thank you to all my readers, friends, followers, clients and last but not least my husband without whose encouragement I'd never have started writing again. Here's to 2012!



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