Escaping with Nancy Mitford...

The wind is still howling outside but inside it's warm and cosy. Tonight is just the kind of evening to get my new collection of Nancy Mitford novels out, curl up under the duvet and depart to a distant other world. The husband kindly bought me the book for Christmas, after I had dropped some rather unsubtle hints in the weeks leading up to the big day.

The introduction is by one of my favourite writers, India Knight, as an avid reader of her columns and novels, I must say this was one of the leading factors in me wanting to own this particular collection. Another reason, and I'm not girlie at all, is that the cover is so appealing and looks ever so good on my bedside table. 

Importantly though, I do love the wit and escapism of  a Nancy Mitford novel, Love In A Cold Climate being one of my favourites. A society and era that one can only dream of belonging to, so romantic and glamorous. Some people lose themselves in Sci Fi or Crime novels for me a good classic is my idea of a heavenly getaway from everyday life. I'm going through a real reading phase at the moment and can't get enough of new novels so I'm going to bid you good night, I'm going to retire to my room with the enchanting Miss Mitford.