What a weekend

There are those days that just start off badly and you know that you just need to get them over and done with. That was me last Friday - took about 2 hours to get through London to the M11 then it rained heavily whilst all the time  knew the car was struggling. Even in Suffolk where it's hardly hilly the car was fighting to get up the slightest slope. Eventually we got to our destination, the beautiful village of East Bergholt breathing a long sigh of relief. The following day the family decided to spend the afternoon in the picturesque town of Woodbridge so off we went. Even after having a rest overnight the car was forever slowing down. On the way back it finally gave up the fight and broke down. The AA arrived very promptly, just for the record the first call you should make if you break down on the road is 999 to get the police to move you to a safe place. So the car was towed to our cousin's house (which thankfully has a big drive) and so it stayed there before making it's final voyage to its resting place at a local scrapyard. I must say everyone involved including the police, the AA, the Insurance company, Renault West and of course our wonderful cousins, who drove us all the way back to London, were so kind and helpful.

What ensued was a week of frantically trying to sort out paperwork and finding a new car as sadly I just can't handle life without one. What with it being one of our busiest weeks at roomtobreathe plus having to deal with all the car business and Christmas has left me fighting for breath! Finally it's all resolved, new car is sat outside with all its paperwork present and correct, the Christmas baking has begun, just need to wrap presents then I can collapse on the day itself!

So apologies for my silence this week everyone but now you know what a crazy time I've been having! Hope all your Christmas preparations are all going to plan. I'd like to wish everyone a wonderfully perfect day and may 2012 bring with it everything you wish for. Merry Christmas!!