Happy 2nd Birthday Matilda...

This time two years ago I was watching Coronation Street, after finally giving in to the epidural, waiting for the pushing hour! At precisely 11.09pm our little girl Matilda Rose came into the world and into our lives, which were never going to be the same again.

It's been the most deliriously happy two years of my life, despite the sleepless nights, the teething, the pooey nappies and the terrible two tantrums that have just begun. It's been quite trying at times, my patience tested to the highest level but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm so grateful to be a Mother, it is a love that is all consuming and completely overwhelming, I never imagined one could feel such love, literally running through your bones. The mothering instinct is quite a powerful force that dominates any other, transforming you into the most protective being.

Now that she is 2, I love that she is finding her sense of humour, she enjoys making us laugh, her language skills are developing at a rapid pace and her personality is shining through. Finally she's discovered the word 'please' so now every word is punctuated with 'please'. Her little endearing quirks, such as insisting the word for pencils is 'pabils'  and not taking no for an answer. She is evolving at such speed that sometimes it's hard to keep up. She's very much my little buddy following me everywhere I go, with her wellington boots, teddy, barbapapa and coat all in tow. She likes copy me in the kitchen making playdo cakes for me and her Daddy, proudly telling us that her toy oven is hot. Her favourite things are bubbles (balloons as they're known to me and you), bananas, cakes, dogs, her teddy, milk, books, beebies, baby Jake, juice, apples, balls and her little friends Alexander and Humphrey.

I spend many an hour daydreaming about what the future has in store for her, all I can do is be there to support, encourage and love every minute I have with her.

Thank you Matilda Rose for being the most perfect daughter a Mother could wish for.