Christmas is for children...

Aside from the lovely food we ate, the thoughtful presents we received, the greatest pleasure for the husband and I was seeing our precious little girl get the hang of opening her presents.

On Christmas Eve the husband cleared a space under the tree so Father Christmas had enough space to leave her a wooden farm, books, laptop (leapfrog not apple!), Scrap books, new crayons amongst some other beautiful gifts from friends and family. A mince pie and glass of Port (I'm mostly Portuguese so could never leave Sherry) was left for the great man himself then Matilda retired for the night. In the morning she was slightly suspicious of all the wrapped up packages under the tree, it took a couple of presents in for her to get into the swing of ripping the paper. She wasn't entirely sure of what to make of it all though it was obvious to her that the day was not a normal one. The unwrapping process was spread over an hour and a half, not because there were hundreds of presents but because Matilda wanted to painstakingly play with each item. She appreciated all her gifts and seemed to enjoy watching her Daddy struggle to put her farm together, why do toys NEVER come with clear instructions?! A friend of ours advised us to always have plenty of batteries and a screwdriver at the ready on Christmas day, as children will not take no for an answer when they want to play with their new toys.

Needless to say we spent a glorious, peaceful day just the three of us eating drinking and playing with Matilda's new toys. In the run up to the big day, we endeavoured to give her a magical tme, we took her to Santa's Grotto and a panto at Colchester Zoo (which was amazing), we wrote a letter to Father Christmas, we searched for him with his reindeers in the sky on our Christmas Eve walk, filled the house with Carols, got her involved in mince pie making, but I'm guessing most of it went over her little head this year. Now I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas when she'll have more understanding of this special time of year and be genuinely excited. Hope all your children have had a splendid time!