My perfect box of Treasures

How much do I like receiving old fashioned snail mail postcards or letters or packages in the post? A lot! I love invites are sent in the post, cards are sent from exotic locations, thank you letters are composed and thought about. Email has taken over and crushed the thrill of hearing a letter come flying through the letterbox. These days it's mostly bills or junk mail that lands in my hallway. I always get a rush when I hear the postman come to the door though, invariably am disappointed that it's yet another standard letter advertising this bank's product or another. Interestingly, Matilda loves nothing more than pegging it up the hall to the letterbox to pick up Mummy and Daddy's mail, the other day she even tried to have a conversation with the Postman through the door, then came running down to the kitchen saying 'ahh gone, gone', he must have had quite a shock with the little voice coming though the letter box saying 'ello'.

So imagine my delight last week when I got a knock on the door and a big box was awaiting my signature.

The box was from as you are probably aware roomtobreathe is working with her at the moment. So I thought I'd treat myself to a couple of the delectable goodies, all in the name of research of course. It was like Christmas had come early when I got the box down on the kitchen table ready for its unveiling. The three shiny black boxes were all beautifully wrapped in soft bubblegum pink tissue paper, good quality black ribbon tied around the boxes, with the distinctive kitty colourful stripey logo contrasting against the black.

So after untying each ribbon the boxes are lined with delicate black tissue enveloping the perfectly made scarves ( I went for the Hound dog 100% silk scarves in cream and royal blue). The bigger box contained the Miss Budd clutch, a handmade piece of art is how I can best describe it. Its almost too good to wear, I fell in love from the very first moment I saw it on the website, I dreamt about it, daydreamed about it until finally I just had to have it. Hopefully my photos can do it justice but if not please click on the links at the end of this post. I have boxes and boxes full of scarves and bags and any other accessory imaginable but I truly believe that a girl can never have enough. If you like girly, frothy all about you kinda shopping then do click on to Kitty Dolittle and take your pick from some of the most unique fabulous items you could wish for! Its ethical and well sourced too, so no need to feel guilty either!