My magical Daylesford Organic afternoon...

6.30am was my wake up call yesterday morning. Ungodly I know but, I had to drive up to a small village near Warwick to meet with our newest roomtobreathe client. Luckily it was a gloriously sunny Autumn day, so as the smoke of London disappeared behind me to reveal rolling hills, sheep, cows and the magnificent colours of Autumnal trees, an overwhelming feeling of relief and wholesomeness filled me with delight.

I had a great and very funny meeting, followed by staying and reorganising their home office in a couple of hours. By that point it was lunchtime, so I stayed for a couple of homemade egg mayo sandwiches, tea and cake. I'd had a very pleasant morning and didn't feel like returning straight back to the M40. Childcare was arranged til the end of the afternoon so for once I bunked off work! I got in the car and headed towards Moreton then Stow in the heart of the Cotswolds. I made a stop at a cavernous toyshop in Moreton for some sparklers for Saturday and nearly forgot myself in the Fairy aisle!

I then headed to my all time favourite farm shop - Daylesford Organics. There is something about the place that immediately draws you from the stresses and strains of your daily life. There is a well stocked Farm shop with great produce, a meat and fish counter, though for the record I preferred the little Butcher's Shop that was there before. There is also a small cheese room filled with the wondrous smell of the organic Daylesford Cheddar and other irresistible naughtiness. Rooms filled with sweet trinkets or stunning plant pots and flowers lead into others with gardening apparatus surround a particularly central courtyard. You can eat in the gorgeous cafe or have a massage in their therapy rooms or even take part in a cookery course. Daylesford has been designed immaculately with plenty to do whilst there. However if you simply want to relax at one of the tables outside with your organic fruit juice whilst taking in the clean country air, then that's also positively encouraged.

Yesterday, it was a haven of peace and tranquility with an air of mysticism, as the night was descending upon the trees and leaves covering the ground. It has simple tasteful elegance in abundance, beautifully arranged products whether it be the fresh produce or toiletries, all colluding to make you go weak at the knees and reach for the credit card, because Daylesford isn't cheap but definitely worth every penny you spend there. I was relatively restrained yesterday only coming away with a squash, a handwash, a huge bunch of juicy beetroot, 2 sausage rolls for dinner (which were divine), a chunk of Cheddar and gorgeous bunch of carrots fresh from the farm. If you've only been to the London Daylesfords please do get yourselves down the M40 immediately as they're not a patch on this one! I'd even go as far to say that it's definitely worth a day trip (or 2!).

How inviting is this bench?!

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