Please sign the petition for more health workers

Having lost 2 babies, when I discovered I was pregnant for a 3rd time I was absolutely petrified. At my first Antenatal appointment I met my angel midwife Amaia, a jolly, optimistic Spanish lady. Having read my history she immediately declared we would start from scratch, this baby was going to be fine. I apprehensively agreed. She ensured her support and presence throughout my pregnancy, scans and then post natally too reassuring me patiently through 9 months of fear. Despite my history, she was under no obligation to accompany my pregnancy, this came from her heart as she understood my paranoia at losing another child. Her faith in me won out and here's my beautiful healthy girl a few minutes after she was born and now. Amaia, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you, you will always be a part of our lives and you will never be forgotten.

Call for more health workers

Help us save children's lives. Join our campaign to ensure that no child dies because they can't see a health worker.
When world leaders meet at the UN in New York tomorrow, we need them to commit to filling the massive shortfall in midwives, nurses and doctors in the poorest countries.
Please support our campaign by calling on David Cameron to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis which is costing millions of children's lives. We'll make sure he gets the message.