Is it so wrong to love Baby Jake?

The husband thinks I'm slightly deranged because I LOVE watching Baby Jake and singing along to the Yuki Yuki Yuki Oooh ooh ooh song. Matilda adores it and I must admit I do think he's very cute. He's a happy go lucky baby adored by his 9 siblings, each morning we go a whimsical adventure with him and his adorable animal friends waved on by his delightful family. Escaping for 15 minutes every morning into a fantastical dream world filled with innocence and optimism has now become part of our daily routine. We do the dance, we sing the song and watch through childlike eyes.

Baby Jake with The Hamsternaut, Pengy Quin, Nibbles and Sydney
(Image from Cbeebies website)

Having worked in television for many years, I know how educational these shows are designed to be. Admittedly I didn't make a point of watching before, unless we had a client in one. I feel parents can sometimes be a little dismissive of the importance of good television, of course it shouldn't interfere with creative play, or replace social interaction, but it has its part to play alongside. I look forward to the day when Matilda is old enough to sit still long enough to watch some of my favourite films as a little girl, such as The Wizard of Oz, Watership Down, Annie and any of the American musicals. Matilda has also now been to see her first play at the Riverside Studios and we're just about to book a trip to see a Christmas show for her birthday in December. For me it's important she has a good balance of visual and aural stimulation from a very early age from various sources. We're lucky because she's a very bright girl, or so it seems. Despite the fact she is learning two languages (I speak to her in Portuguese and my husband in English), she hasn't yet encountered any difficulty in speaking and already has a long repertoire of words in both languages (Cao, milk, agua, bolo, plane, car, bus, taxi, shoes, thank you, night night, bye, hiya, yes, hands, teeth, head, belly, baby, eyes, nose, nao amongst many others). It's the little things that make you proud as a parent, today she ran down the hall with a biscuit wrapper went straight to the kitchen bin and popped it in. The pride I felt was quite overwhelming coupled with the fact she also counted up to 4 today unprompted! Hopefully we're doing something right!


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  2. lol i'm the same. I think i love watching it more than my 9 month old daughter, and 7 & 8 yr old boys. How can anyone not love this programme? It's just soooo cute! Everything about it, from baby jake, to the songs, and the children telling the story with the really cute voices. Best baby programme EVER! Can't wait for the toys and DVD'S to be released, i'm signed up to their mailing list! Love it

  3. As you can tell I COMPLETELY AGREE!!


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