Holidays? Schmolidays!

When I was young and free there was nothing I loved more than packing my suitcase, waving goodbye to work and home and heading off to more exotic climes on a jumbo jet. These days with a Toddler I dread the moment of packing. Ensuring you have thought of all eventualities is stressful, I long for the day when she can pack her own bag and we don't need to worry about taking bottles, cups, nappies, wipes, Aptamil, Ella's Kitchen packs of food in case she refuses to eat the local cuisine, snacks, all manner of medicines, creams and her favourite Teddy and books. Today has been a race against time to get everything sorted and ready for lift off tomorrow. My nerves are not particularly alleviated by having a husband who likes to pack at the very last minute, give him his due he does manage it, but that's probably because making sure the house is left in a decent state doesn't come naturally to him. I always like to have everything in its place and organised the night before I travel, I figure that's why I'm a Lifestyle Manager who revels in organising client's lives!

I'm positive that as soon as we're all on the plane not having forgotten the passports, details of where we're staying, my driving licence, Matilda...then I'll breathe a deep sigh of relief and embrace our 3 week holiday travelling round Brazil, spending quality time together as a family enjoying our own company whilst soaking up the sun.

I wish you all a fantastic 3 weeks of Indian Summer weather and I look forward to sharing some holiday tales upon my return! A bientot mes amis!


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