Days to be forgotten...

On occasion I reach the end of a day and feel like if I could I'd rewind to 7am, wake up and restart the day again. Today was such a day. The boiler croaked, the builder turned up 2 hours late, work piled in (not complaining about that), Matilda's cold just got worse, had friends over for a little play date then realised it was lunch time and didn't have anything to give them, then to top it up getting stuck in the most horrendous traffic, one and a half hours to make a 2 mile journey, consequently was terribly late for a client meeting, forgot Matilda's dinner and water on the kitchen table so had no food to keep her entertained in the car, luckily she found it very amusing to wave bye bye to other car drivers - not sure they did. She seemed to make a lot of friends in that hour and a half. 

So had my meeting, picked up Matilda from her Godmother's who kindly offered her a sandwich, back in the car for another half an hour, yes more traffic! Back home, still no fixed boiler as they didn't have the parts, so kettles boiled for Matilda's bath. And to my husband's distress no dinner. Pasta and pesto it was with a very large glass of chilled to bed so I'm ready for what tomorrow brings.