A very British weekend continues...

Sunday we took ourselves down to Parsons Green in Fulham, for the Cloudy Bay Pop up shack with food by Petersham Nurseries' Syke Gyngell. I'm a huge fan of her 'A Year In My Kitchen' so we couldn't resist walking down the road to sample some of her food. It was beautifully set up with deckchairs, blue and white striped wind breakers, tables and chairs with pretty vases filled with country flowers on each table. We had great fun sitting in the wooden rowing boats they also provided, Matilda found it quite hard to keep her balance bless her and so did her parents after a couple of glasses of wine!

A jolly three piece brass band entertained the punters with great success.

The food, slow cooked Veal stew and a ham and lemon risotto, was just divine, perfectly cooked and just the right consistency for the risotto. It just a shame the portions were so tiny, hardly filling the sides. Each dish was paired up with a perfectly matching glass of wine that enhanced the food impeccably.

Veal Stew


All in all it was a lovely lunch, great to be eating such light and summery food outdoors again. You can always get yourself down to the award winning Petersham Nurseries if you didn't make it down to Parsons Green at the weekend or indeed if you want to indulge your fantasies at home, get hold of 'A Year In My Kitchen'. It's an inspiring book worth having on your shelf that's for sure!