Southbank Fun and Frolics...

There's nowhere in London I'd rather be on a Summer's day than the Southbank, with free dance and music to keep everyone entertained. Today we watched Tango at the National Square, a couple of street dancers and a couple of clowns. The Beach went down a treat with Matilda and so did the Moving Rooms at the Royal Festival Hall as you can see in the photo below.

The Real Food Market at the Royal Festival Hall appealed more to her parents, we tried some Polish Meat Croquettes and some Lebanese Chicken and Pistachio fritters both of which were delicious. We finished off with a Macaron, I just couldn't resist the Jasmine and Charcoal flavour, unusual but simply divine and good for you apparently. How could a girl resist? A healthy Macaron.

There were all sorts of food stalls there, from Spanish Churros to Paella to Moroccan delights to Cheese and scrumptious Cake stalls. Not a great deal of fresh Farmer's produce if that's what you were expecting like us, nevertheless it was a very pleasurable experience.

This was my favourite van of the day - the Chocolate Van!

We then headed for the obligatory browse round the bookstalls and the Beach Hut installations. I do love a Beach Hut there's nothing that encapsulates the British Seaside more than a colourful hut and this one was particularly dreamy.

I could have bought all these books.

All along the Southbank there are various Food vans that appealed to me

I especially liked this old Fire Engine now put to good use selling Hot Dogs and delicious Halloumi/Chorizo wraps

It was absolutely buzzing today with people, music, skateboarders, tourists and Londoners out for a stroll along the river. Children ran around having fun playing and running through Jeppe Hein's Moving Rooms getting soaked. This is the inimitable London at it's best, vibrant, daring and convivial despite the grey clouds. A perfect family Sunday.

This is the photo that summed up the day for me - my little girl having fun with her Ice cream.