Joining the 40's Club...

Today I'm relishing in the fact that I still belong to the 30's age group, this time tomorrow I'll be joining the best of them in the 40's club. If it's good enough for Helena Christensen, Julia Roberts and Naomi Campbell then surely it's good enough for me?

It's been a tumultuous build up to the big day, I've spent months in denial ignoring the inevitability of having to start taking more care of myself nutritionally and physically. So far I've relied on youth and generally having a clean bill of health, but no longer will I be able to use that excuse. I remember going through similar emotions when I turned 30 but at least I was the right side of old. I'm having to come to terms that in my head I still feel exactly the same as I did when I was 20 but the reality is that I'm at least half way through my life. And where did the last 40 years go? Time ain't slowing down for me that's for sure.

Yesterday I thought I'd cheer myself up in bed with Red Magazine, lo and behold I came across an article which did lift my spirits slightly. The supermodels that I grew up with are all now either in their 40's or fast approaching, even Kate Moss is now 38! And look how good she manages to look? Sadly they have access to and time for the best facials, personal trainers, nutritionists and I have a toddler, a busy business to run and no Nanny so I'm afraid no time to dedicate to my physique as is required.  Mind you, it'd take a life time for me to vaguely resemble any of them!

I know I'm sounding rather morose but the reality is I'm actually happier now with my little family and new business than I have been in years, I have a wealth of memories to indulge myself, great times with friends, travels, adventures to recount to my daughter and a lovely home. I'm ecstatic about working for myself, making up my own timetable and meeting lots of fascinating people along the way. It's incredibly rewarding to be helping people in their lives who are genuinely grateful for all the little tasks we accomplish.

I've certainly become more romantic and whimsical in my approach to life since having Matilda for she is the most amazing achievement in my life and, I'm determined to make her proud of her Mummy. I probably wouldn't have been such a good Mother had I had her earlier, I was too involved in my career to have put her first. One can live without material luxuries but the luxury of seeing my daughter grow up day in day out I would never relinquish.

I've loved my 30's and will hold them dear to my heart but suddenly I'm looking forward to the next decade watching my little girl grow, develop her personality, go to school, read her first book by herself and of course experience more precious times with my darling husband. So Au revoir la trentaine and welcome to the 40's!