It's at times like this....

I miss working in an air conditioned office. I've really struggled to keep focus today, I sat here wearing practically nothing and I was still sweltering! Desperately tried to find the fan which we keep in our cavernous garage, where everything but the kitchen sink appears except what you're actually looking for. We keep setting aside a Saturday to tidy, declutter and sell off on Ebay, but somehow we can never face it. It would mean that we'd be forced to part with some of our possessions that others may consider - hell we consider - junk, but are part of our history.

Unfortunately, both my husband and I are clutterers or as someone put it the other day we're squirrellers. Sounds so much better I think, almost glamorises the fact that our home is filled to the rafters with books, cd's, dvd's, magazines, paperwork, hats that I haven't worn since uni, and now, since Matilda started walking toys are left everywhere. The more I pick up the more I find hidden in corners, behind sofas, inside the cabinet we had built so she couldn't reach the bluray player/sky box and other technical equipment, which she's now made into her store cupboard. If I can't find one of her shoes that is the place to look, otherwise it's in her kitchen cupboard next to the dried lentils tins of tomatoes, coconut milk.

When I first moved here it seemed really quite big with its unusually large kitchen and garden with a garage, now it feels like I'm living in a studio. The husband and I keep talking about moving out towards Saffron Walden way in the next couple of years as the issue of school catchment areas takes over our lives. I'm a Fulham girl born and bred and have lived here all my life apart from my stint at Uni and a year in Paris, so I'll be sad to go but it's sensible - more for your buck and all that. We're rapidly outgrowing our lovely little home so this time next year I think it'll be time to say au revoir to the big smoke and follow in the steps of many others before us and move just a little further out of Central London. It'll be time for another chapter in our lives to commence, an exciting one at that. A bigger house, a bigger garden, a better quality of life for our daughter and for us.

However, all my frustrations today (lack of space, clutter, mess and heat)  disappeared  after the wonderful surprise from the husband when he got home.Here's a little peak for you!

 It's not often that he buys me flowers so it makes it all the more special and thoughtful when he does. Flowers are definitely the way to a girl's heart!