Dinner with the husband at The Crabree, Hammersmith

Dinner with the Husband at The Crabtree pub in Hammersmith.

I decided after an arduous day for my husband that iit would a fine idea if we treated ourselves to dinner out last night.  He had been delivering a presentation for a job interview, so I thought he would appreciate the distraction and besides, it was a good excuse to see more of him in his suit.  The days when we could just nip into town for a Cocktail and smart dinner are long gone so down to our local, The Crabtree in Hammersmith, we went. I’ve always like the Crabtree especially it’s location on the river. It’s undergone quite a transformation from having a rather confused identity. Was it a gastro style pub or just a friendly local? At one point it was neither, the food was what I imagined shopping at Iceland would be like and the staff were glacially rude.

Tonight I was glad to see that those days are long gone. We went for an early dinner as Matilda was with us, so the pub was empty apart from one long table full of people which we then learnt were the bar staff trying the new Summer menu. Someone shouted out the Beetroot carpaccio and roquefort Mousse was a winner, so that's what we tried and delicious it was too, although the Mousse bit was just a little on the dense side! We followed that with a Chateaubriand with handcut chips served with a peppercorn sauce and bearnaise - utterly divine, the most tender and succulent meat. The of us were so stuffed that I couldn't even manage a peek at the pudding menu! Unheard of to those that know me, I'm a sucker for Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard!

The staff were wonderful with Matilda, bringing crayons, cards and anything they could to keep her entertained in the highchair so we could focus on our dinner, luckily for us she's a very friendly girl and giggles at anyone pulling a funny face at her! In all we had a lovely dinner and a great experience - highly recommend it if you find yourself walking along the river on a sunny day, and are gasping for a cold drink sat at a lovely terrace!