Coming out of blogging retirement...

I cannot believe how long this draft has sat in my box... My little space on the internet has been much neglected over the last couple of years, since we moved into our little cottage on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border.

Life has been a rollercoaster with the usual daily routine of running a small business as well as undertaking the renovations on our house. Most of last year was taken up with the bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the progress in my stories. We've now completed the bathroom and kitchen, stripped floors, painted the whole house but we're a little way off finishing our seems neverending just when you think you're done you notice something else that could be different. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and my love of vintage doesn't help. Where a lot of people will just fly into Ikea to furnish their homes I take months even years to find the perfect piece. I frustrate myself sometimes!

We nevertheless managed a few adventures along the way last year and I want to begin by sharing our wonderful few days in Yorkshire over last Easter as well as a wonderful week revisiting Marrakech.

Since our last trip up to the Lake District and the Dales pre Matilda, Glen and I had been plotting our return to Yorkshire. With the promise of glorious weather in the week leading up to Easter we fell upon a beautiful Airbnb cottage a few minutes drive from Castle Howard which I couldn't recommend highly enough. The attention to detail including a breakfast supplies, a full cream tea upon arrival and a decanter filled with sherry, was a lovely surprise and much appreciated. Views stretched across the Yorkshire countryside whilst their flock of sheep and chickens provide endless entertainment for young children.

We packed in a lot to our 3 days in Yorkshire...we visited Mother Shipton's Cave, the impressive Castle Howard where I dreamt of being on the Brideshead Revisited set, Whitby by the North Yorkshire steam train and a quick wander around York though with enough time to mooch around the lovely vintage shops of course!

We loved taking Matilda back to a place that both Glen and I fell in love with many years ago. It was a different experience taking a child but it was wonderful to see her face light up as we were chased through the medina by a shopkeeper determined we should buy her some slippers. We relented and she came home with her bejewelled red slippers. We took a trip into the Atlas mountains where we visited a 'Berber' family home and rode on camels, but mostly Matilda was just happy in the hotel pool making friends with a French girl. Amazing how they managed to communicate without speaking eachother's language - with just me as the occasional translator. That is the beauty of childhood I guess...