A cycling First!

Sunday the 2nd of October started gently but turned out to be a rather momentous day for my little family. Matilda finally at the age of 6 and three quarters finally got to ride her bike without any help or support.

A determined young Matilda adamantly refused any help from us, I think she'd secretly made it her goal to ride alone on that particular Sunday. In the run up to the weekend she continually paid attention to the weather reports on the news whilst asking me if the weather stayed good, could we go to the park to practice her cycling.

The weather obliged so we headed up to Thetford Forest with a picnic ready for a day in the great outdoors. Little did we know what a special day it would be. As the husband and I sat with our coffees our help having been rejected by Matilda, we suddenly spotted her cycling off unaided. We let out a gasp, jumped to our feet but she was off and absolutely ecstatic with her new found skill!

Here she is having a ball on her bike!