Our Summer in Crete...

As we head deeper into Autumn my thoughts drift back to the Summer which now in the whirlwind of school runs, work, chores seems like a million miles away.

For the first time in three years we went on a proper family holiday abroad. Don't get me wrong I've loved our holidays in our beloved Cornwall but there's something about feeling the hot  sun beating upon your face and the still Mediterreanean sea cooling you down that our beautiful British shores cannot compete.

Forced into booking a last minute holiday due to a certain someone having broken her wrist we plumped for 10 days in Crete. This year has been particularly difficult with the loss of my Mother, our business taking off and the general pressures of life I was in desperate need of a break to recharge. For the first time in my life I booked an all inclusive holiday...not sure I'll be doing it again but it certainly served it's purpose. No cooking, cleaning or even thinking for 10 days suited me fine. We were a minute's walk to the local beach where Matilda relished playing in the sea for days on end. I even managed to read a couple of books as she played in the sand happy in her own company, making games, inventing sea stories whilst searching for fish.

It was a perfect holiday where we spent time engaging as a family without distractions...We relaxed, we laughed, invented characters and stories, ate delicious food, had lots of early nights, lazed on the beach, explored ancient sites feeding Matilda's ongoing obsession with being a 'Science Archaelogist'. What wonderful memories we created for this little girl...

This image sums up our playful holiday!