The new Samsung Galaxy S7

A few weeks ago I was asked by Three Mobile if I'd like to road test the new, much publicised Samsung Galaxy S7. I'll admit I'm not terribly into an all singing all dancing phone, I pretty much only use my phone for taking photos, social media, calling, emailing and texting. Endless streams of apps just don't do it for me I'm afraid (probably showing my age). However, a decent phone camera does. The camera on this phone is really very good indeed and I'm sure is giving the iPhone camera a hard run for its money,

From the moment you switch it on, the picture on the screen is so crisp and pure. It has a wealth of features, more of which you can read about here including a number of pre installed filters. When I'm out and about I tend to keep my settings on auto so I don't have to faff around if a photo needs to be taken straight away. However if you'd like to use your own settings it's very straight forward to adjust the ISO for example, you can also shoot square so if you're an instagram addict like myself and we all know this is the best way to capture the best image. Something I can't do on my current Sony Experia.

The Samsung Galaxy went with me on a little day trip to Southwold where you can see what can be achieved with it. Take a look at the wonderful clarity of these photos. I've purposely not edited them so you can see the quality of the camera, the level of detail and colour it is able to pick up is really impressive...I'll leave you with these but I'll be back soon with more photos I took with it during our trip to Sweden.