The arrival of March

As you know this year so far has not been kind to me or my family. March brings with it yet more reminders of our huge loss. Today would have been my Parents 65th Wedding Anniversary with what would have been my Mother's 88th Birthday tomorrow. Mothers Day on Sunday will also be difficult to get through though Matilda is plotting and planning to give me a wonderful day. My Mother will be with me in my heart whilst looking down on me continuing to guide me.

Meanwhile Matilda, always providing a burst of positivity has been in secret talks with Daddy and announced the itinerary yesterday on our drive home. We will have breakfast at home which her and Daddy will make, she'll be the waitress. Then we'll go to the Red Lion (our local pub) for lunch followed by a walk in the woods then she'll serve dinner. Not sure who'll be making dinner...

For Matilda I'll be brave, I'll garner strength from her energy and enthusiasm to face the next few days.