A day at Thetford Forest

I've been meaning to write this post for months, it's sat there in my drafts gathering dust but as the promise of Spring seems imminent with the arrival of unseasonably early daffodils, writing about a potential day in the outdoors appeared to be more appropriate.

One of the best days of last Summer was spent discovering Thetford Forest. We'd only ever driven along the edge of it on our way up to the North Norfolk coast but now only living 20 minutes away there was no excuse.

Thetford is vast. It covers an area spanning 18730 hectares making it the UK's largest man made lowland forest. There are countless walks, cycle paths and winding footpaths to follow if you'd rather be left to your own devices. However the play area right alongside Go Ape is marvellous. I couldn't quite believe there was no entrance fee levied such was the standard. With plenty of climbing and play equipment mostly constructed from natural materials found lying in the forest, it provides a cheap day out for all the family. Accompanied Pony rides are also offered, which Matilda thoroughly enjoyed, It was her first time on a Pony but I'm guessing it won't be her last. There are plenty of activities such as Archery or canoeing as well as special events to keep the family entertained. Check the website before you set off so you can plan your day.

There is a lovely well stocked cafe and shop if you decide not to take a picnic but with so many lovely spots to lay your picnic blanket I'd reserve the cafe for an ice cream run. Matilda loves nothing more than sitting on the long grass with her lunch in hand, internally debating which piece of climbing apparatus she should try next...

The imposing forest majestic in it's reach is simply breathtaking and worth a day if not more to explore it's full potential. Ancient trees sway in the light winds providing shelter from the weather. The forest is awe inspiring having been born way before our life time and lasting long after. One gets the real sense here that despite our human attempts to preside over planet earth we really so little influence on Mother Nature.

Find out how you can support the work of the Forestry Commission here so we can all keep on enjoying our countryside.