January slow living...

With my tax return filed and bill paid up I sat for a few moments this afternoon listening to the thrashing rain and wind beating against the roof of the conservatory where I've taken up office. Our office renovation is just around the corner but until then I;ll enjoy the wonderful view over the garden.

Whilst watching the big old chestnut tree sway in the wind my mind began to wander away to sunnier times when days are longer and warmer inspiring all kinds of adventures. Beautiful bright Winter days also have a place in my heart. Wrapped up warm to face the bitter bleak, wild landscape our family love a long brisk Winter walk. Matilda enjoys collecting sticks, climbing fallen tree trunks all whilst pretending to be a 'Science Archaeologist'.

January has been a tough month, a flu bug completely wiped me out lingering on for well over two weeks. We've had to cancel visits from friends and slow right down to allow for recovery. We did find a few moments to drive to one of our favourite new places, the pretty town of Clare. We discovered a beautiful walk around the Augustinian Priory, a remarkable gem deep in the Suffolk countryside.

After filling our lungs with the crisp fresh air we relish the moment we retreat to our favourite spot in front of the fire for a cuddle and movie dinner. Despite not feeling well I've enjoyed this quiet time with my family, living slowly after the madness of the last few months...how have your January's been?