Letter to Matilda on her 6th Birthday

A little late as you've been six years old for two weeks now but better late than never my darling...

Dear Matilda

Where can I begin? So much has happened this past year, you've learnt to read. Yup we can't get away with saying Scooby Doo isn't on as you can clearly read Scooby on the listings, reading road signs seem to be your passion 'look Mummy you can go to Cherry Hinton and left is to Saffron Walden, aww we're home Cheveley'. Reading, books, drawing and writing are your passions as well as Scooby Doo. In fact Scooby has been a constant in your life the last couple of years, though Teddy is your main man, your brother. He has been with you since birth and I reckon we'll see Teddy go through your teenage years and take pride of place in your first student room at university.

Your enthusiasm for life and ability to absorb knowledge and run with it is infectious. You've had some big changes at home this year but have handled them a lot better than we have! You have made some wonderful friends though one in particular, Libby has become your little partner in crime. I love your ability to play, chat and welcome others into your world without hesitation.

Your insatiable thirst for learning has developed even further over the last year as has your imagination. You are equally happy playing with friends or alone, Teddy, Husky and Bubba often join in with your games taking on the role of playmates when you are home. You are enjoying your new playroom especially playing the new Bond theme on your new stereo at 7am on a Saturday morning which is your way of gently letting us know you're awake!

We love that not only are you a creative little being always writing stories with accompanying drawings but you have a definite fascination with Science. In fact if you're asked what you'd like to do when you grow up you exclaim 'an Archaelogist Scientist', long may it continue. As you know I'm not one to encourage a more artistic career having followed that path myself. However what will be will be. As long as you continue to be the happy, bright ray of sunshine that filled our hearts with love, that's all that matters.

Mummy and Daddy are forever bursting with pride at how well you're doing at school and how you throw yourself heart and soul into every challenge that is presented to you. Our recent house move, I think affected you even more than when we moved from London. You loved our little rented house and only being a couple of doors down from your friend Sebastian whom you used to chat to over the fence, but in time you'll make new friends here in the village I'm sure. You love your new house and bedroom and have taken great delight in looking after Papa Jonny's pond with Daddy.

This Summer you also discovered a love for 'surfing' down in Cornwall, we bought you your first board which you tried out at Watergate Bay; fearless you inched out further and further to reach the better waves much to my dismay as I nervously watched from the shore. Obviously Daddy was standing guard but even when a big wave came crashing over you there were no tears just laughter. The beach is where you most love to be, playing with the sand or splashing about in the waves. Eating Cornish ice cream and devouring large platefuls of mussels.

We love you with all our heart and beyond, your sense of humour tickles us as well as your impersonations of Craig from Strictly, another of your passions. Perhaps you will be musical, you've been playing the piano now for nearly a year and half way though this year you announced you wanted to take up the violin which you seem to love. Long may it all continue my darling. You bring us and so many others a huge amount of joy.

Happy 6th Birthday to our precious little girl Matilda Rose xx