So long Summer...

Firstly apologies for my radio silence over the last few weeks. School holidays, work and a number of other events that seemed to take over have left little time to share with you here.

Without any childcare except for tennis club, at times it was challenging but we got through it and managed to have a wonderful few weeks. The weather was a little unkind though we took every opportunity we could to get out in the fresh air, we caught up with old friends in London, picked plums from the garden, watched movies on wet rainy days, read, drew and baked. The holiday ended with a glorious week in our beloved Cornwall, thankfully the weather made up for the rest of the Summer making for a Mediterranean temperature and blue seas.

Like most other children Matilda made a return to school today, the last 6 weeks went by in a flash I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning to realise that I was once again relinquishing my daughter. Not only that she is now in Year One when everyone tells me they really start growing up, becoming a lot more independent. I read somewhere the other day that you have from when they're 5 until 8 before they rapidly lose interest in you focusing much more on their friends. My guess is it can also come earlier, as soon as she entered the playground today Mummy became oblivious to her. Though she came running towards me with arms held wide open this afternoon at pick up.

I'll be sharing a few more Summer adventures over the coming days, in the meantime here are a few snapshots of some fun moments.

Hope you all had a great Summer and that the return to routine wasn't too painful this morning...