Summertime and the living is easy

School's officially out. We've been crawling through the countdown over the last few days, it's been a packed few months and we're all ready to slow down, take a deep breath and relax.

This term has been particularly busy with concerts, sports days and school trips and for a small five year old who bursts with energy I think she's ready to have a break. Though work will continue for me I am planning catching up with old friends, picnics, baking, trips to museums on rainy days, gardening and making use of the marvellous school swimming pool. Allowing Matilda to just be is just as important as filling up her days. Play under her own steam, running around the garden whilst inventing little stories are as character building as planned activities so no doubt we'll be doing plenty of that too.

A Summer wouldn't be a Summer without a road trip so it's off to Cornwall (at Matilda's request might I add) we go for a week in August. We'll be returning to our beloved Ruby Cottages which I wrote about here, here's hoping the sun shines for us!

One big task for this Summer holiday is to jointly create a Pirate story book inspired by Matilda's late Grandfather's navy adventures, a re imagining of the potential escapades he could have taken part in. We will all write the stories together and do the illustrations to accompany them as a family, her memories of him are very clear at the moment but we keep trying to think of ways to make those recollections last well into her adulthood as she was so young when he passed away. Cornwall I'm sure will provide much inspiration with it's colourful Pirate history evident wherever you travel in the county. It's doubtful that publishers will be queueing round the block to snap up our book but I'm sure it'll provide hours of creative fun.

What have you got planned for the Summer?