A weekend of Music, art and friends

We spent last weekend in the heat of busy steamy London. The husband travelled down on Friday for The Who in Hyde Park whilst Matilda and I left Friday evening to join my girlfriends for dinner. A much belated catch up fuelled by ice cold bubbly. Reliving our youth and with the children tucked up in bed we partied until 4am once the boys had wobbled in from their gig! It's been a long time since I've done that but it was a great release after the stress of the last few weeks. Old friends, wine and dancing around the kitchen to dance tunes just like old times was the perfect medicine.

On the Saturday we dragged ourselves over to the Southbank for the Carsten Holler exhibition at the Hayward which well worth the expedition battling through all the roadworks that have seemed to have taken over London. This is a must see, fun for both children and adults alike, this is art at it's best not only reaching out to all participants but challenging them too.

Carsten Holler hails from Belgium though he now lives in Stockholm. A celebrated installation artist I was super excited to finally get to take part in his work. Installation art is a fantastic way to introduce young children to fine art, inclusive and positively encouraging of participation, they adore getting involved. Matilda's highlights were the pitch black tunnels and the upside down virtual headsets (sounds crazy I know but so effective) where the London skyline is literally turned on its head. Another terrace was host to two rotating harnesses allowing people to experience flying over the Southbank, sadly there was a two hour waiting time so we didn't partake. The piece de resistence was the rather unique exit out of the gallery through two giant slides. Again Matilda didn't quite reach the height restriction so were unable to take advantage but the husband and our friends loved whizzing down to street level.

The exhibition is on until the 6th September and well worth a trip. You can book tickets here.

The weekend culminated with us busting our hip hop moves to the sounds of Public Enemy at The Roundhouse, still relevant and forever daring to challenge the establishment, they were simply brilliant.

Not only was an action packed couple of days but it was a wonderful chance to catch up with old friends and get my fix of dusty sweltering London with all its smells, colour and culture. Times like these I miss my city though leaving it for the open countryside and neverending skies filled my heart with warmth too...