Brighton love

Can't believe it's been two weeks since we returned from the gorgeous Brighton. As you'll probably have noticed from my Instagram feed we were there for half term. Being in Brighton feels like going home, many a day trip from London was taken there. I love the laid back, creative vibe that fills this city. From the beach to the independent shops, cafes, galleries even the residents themselves. Inspiration is to be found in every nook and cranny of this vibrant city.

Despite it being a work trip as well as a little holiday we managed to create some lovely memories on our daily adventures. We met up with a couple of wonderful old friends, ate far too much, walked until our legs were screaming 'I can't take it anymore', ran along the beach then flopped every night on the comfy sofa with a takeaway and Britain's Got Talent. Yup Matilda developed quite an obsession during this series fueled by meeting my old Uni friend Suzanne who works on said programme! Think Matilda might have suffered her first starstruck moment.

Eating good food played a vital part in our week, from delicious breakfasts at our favourite Marmalade which I wrote about here a while back to a new discovery The Flour Pot as recommended by Lobster and Swan then endorsed by my friend Suzanne who is a regular customer. Their bread is second to none, wonder if they might consider expanding to Cambridgeshire...?

We also hooked up with Matilda's old Nursery friend Leo and his lovely family in Hastings. It was so wonderful to see them play together after all these months like no time at all had passed, just like old times whilst we caught up on all the old Fulham gossip. Great how children can pick up from where they left off so easily, these two were very close from their first day at nursery and I'm so keen for her to keep these special relationships. Here's hoping we can visit them again soon!

A little Star Wars action on the pier...