The Bank Holiday Weekend so far...

Aside from dodging rain storms pretending to be monsoon showers, it's been a relaxed weekend so far. Yesterday was pretty momentous as it was Matilda's first concert. She is a member of Phoenix Fledglings who gather on a weekly basis to sing, this concert was held as part of the local church's Flower Festival as well as to raise money for a local Children's Charity The Sick Children's Trust. Members of the Phoenix Chorale Cambridge showcased their good work in an hour long concert set amongst the beautiful St Andrews Church adorned with stunning flower arrangements donated by the local community.

Matilda had a lovely time, singing confidently (she does seem to suffer a little from stage fright)and despite the packed church the children all behaved beautifully singing their little hearts out. They sang a sweet medley consisting of Truly Scrumptious, Edelweiss and My Favourite Things - some of my all time favourites and a pleasure to listen to such young accomplished voices. We were very proud of our little girl and her friends. Daddy's imagination ran away with him as he envisaged her opening at the Shepherds Bush Empire in years to come...and here they are below. Daddy and Daddy's girl, this image fills my heart to bursting!

Today we took advantage of a break in the rain to go explore Ely which was hosting a Food and Drink Festival. With plenty of streetfood options including our favourites Steak and Honour we had a lovely lunch in the cathedral grounds under the rays of the sun. Yes that's right, typical English Bank Holiday weather, Winter one minute, Summer the next...we had a good look around Ely Cathedral which is free to enter on a Sunday. The Cathedral dating back to 1541 is jaw droppingly impressive, it's breathtaking beauty a haven of serenity. Although this peace was interrupted for a brief moment when Matilda managed to climb up on top of a Bishop's tomb as I was distracted trying to work out the best ISO setting - Ooops. Thankfully Daddy came to the rescue as she was then stuck on top of the ancient tomb attempting a rather clumsy descent, all unbeknownst to the end the three of us fell about laughing which I'm sure had any of the wardens caught us this kind of behaviour would have been severely frowned upon. Fun though!

What plans do you have for Bank Holiday Monday?