World Book Day

Social media has been awash with everyone's photos of their children's World Book Day outfits. Having asked Matilda for weeks what she wanted to wear (for once I wanted to be organised on this!) and repeatedly telling me Spiderman I relaxed as we have very outfit in her dressing up box. On Monday she announced she wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood from her .....great, sewing machine all packed up in a box in storage and not enough time to order one. Though admittedly I do prefer to make our own on these occasions, I hope she'll remember Mummy sitting up until the early hours sewing, painting and sticking costumes together or perhaps she'll rather Mummy just opened an Amazon package...only time will tell. Secretly though I do enjoy it.

On one of our busiest weeks at work, I grabbed an hour on Tuesday to visit Saffron Walden Market, a meter of red cotton (at a bargainous £2) with some velcro was duly purchased (which I managed to lose). So this morning holes were cut with ribbons tied through to make her cape. I decorated a basket filled it with various foodstuffs, and made a blackboard sign to go round her neck with exploding eggs drawn on.

She was delighted with her makeshift costume. Thankfully at her age she's oblivious to the fact that others looked a lot more polished...long may it last well at least while I fulfill my Motherly duties.

If you're wondering why a sign for exploding eggs formed part of the costume take a look at this crazy yet addictive book The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf and Grandma's Wardrobe by Christyan and Diane Fox . Firmly, one of our favourites since the husband bought it for her at Christmas. I'm sure you'll love reading this to your children with its sense of humour that appeals not only to them but to you as well...

                                                          Happy World Book Day!