Take me to the Fair on time!

I never win anything. Fact. Over the years I've bought countless raffle tickets, entered competitions but win? Oh no, not my thing.

However, last week lil old me won two tickets to the wonderful Country Living Fair at the Islington Design Centre. I've been desperate to go for years but with one thing or another always getting in my way, I've not yet managed it. So when Lobster and Swan ran a competition a couple of weeks ago, I wrote my comment pressed send and expected nothing. Until wam bam my name came up as a winner! Woohoo I cried. Not only had I won something, I'd won tickets to THE Country Living Fair.

After a hellish whirlwind week of intense work often taking me into the early hours, solo parenting of a sick child as the husband has been working in Taiwan left me with not a great deal of sleep. So I am rounding off the week by taking a day off to immerse myself in what promises to be a beautiful event! Can't wait to share my day with you!

If you fancy going too it's open until Sunday only.