Springtime Surprise Project

When Lucy from Capture by Lucy announced her Springtime Surprise Project, where a community of strangers are picked at random to send each other a small gift up to the value of £5, I leapt to join the group. The idea being that gifts would make their way to their recipients just in time to welcome the start of Spring.

Over 300 people signed up including my good self. Such a wonderful achievement to rally people from across the world to stop and create a beautiful gift for a complete stranger. In a world where we live our lives through our computers or phones, where the only post you receive are generally bills or letters from the Inland Revenue, this was the most exciting happy post ever. It was also a celebration of the good friends we make across social media, the huge amount of support one gets from those you've never met particularly on Instagram is quite astounding. We share in each others joyful moments as well as the low times. Messages of kindness are sent around the world on a daily basis to people you will perhaps never have the opportunity to meet so this is a perfect way to bring this community closer.

I can't pretend it was easy to gather gifts for someone I don't know, it's bad enough when you do know them (my Husband will attest to that). I kept changing my mind up until the very last minute but a lot of thought went in and I really hope Debbie liked her gifts.

Debbie of An Organised Mess was my partner in crime. She obviously got me down to a T, lots of lovely stationery, a nice choice in tea bags and some gorgeous toiletries...Thank you so much Debbie for ensuring a super start to Spring! Also a huge thank you goes to Lucy for organising this special project. You star. This lovely act of kindness has I'm sure made many people happy as they opened their surprise gifts to discover how someone can guess so accurately the other's tastes.