An Easter Trail at Wimpole Hall

The Easter holidays have begun. A full two weeks of being with my girl. Mind you I'll probably be ready to hand her back to school by the end of it!

She's kicked off her holiday by being the bubbly, chatty, excitable little girl she is. We headed to Wimpole to take part in their Easter trail.  A lovely lunch in their restaurant fuelled the windswept walk around the gardens finding clues which would inevitably lead to a Cadbury's egg which was promptly scoffed by a chocolate hungry girl. Not satisfied with just Mummy for company she made friends with two older boys, George and William, with whom she had a great deal of fun running around searching for the well hidden clues whilst exploring the Reflections Sculpture trail. These are a number of impressive installations by the artist Theo Gayer-Anderson that sit nestled amongst the gardens, highlighting their natural surroundings.

Wimpole Hall is a magnificent house with plenty for little inquisitive eyes to explore, Matilda particularly enjoyed counting the horses on all the paintings in the house (there were rather a lot of them I might add). For the first time she demonstrated great interest in how people lived in 'olden times' and was especially intrigued by an original newspaper with photos of the Queen's Coronation. Being a huge fan of these old houses I was delighted with her curiosity in history and how we used to live. I hope this is only the beginning of Matilda's fascination with the beauty in the ordinary things that surround us.