The Art of the Portuguese Tile (Azulejo)

Portugal has always been synonymous with beautiful hand painted tiles (Azulejos). Influenced by their Moorish invadors, where ever you travel up and down the country tiles decorate all manner of buildings and open spaces. 

Decorating tiles is an art form in Portugal, millions of exquisite tiles are exported worldwide on a daily basis ready to adorn the walls of many of luxury home. There is even a museum dedicated to this Portuguese art right in the middle of the capital city, Lisbon where examples can be seen from across the centuries.

One only has to stand in any street in Portugal to witness the intricate work that goes into creating these works of art from the traditional blue and white to the more modern designs. Remember buy Portuguese if you're looking for quality tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, there are a number of UK suppliers but you can also buy them directly from the artists via Euromkii.