Save the Curzon Soho!

This blog tends to steer away from Politics or protest which is no reflection on how strongly I feel in the face of topical affairs, however I feel that my readers don't need my views imposed upon them neither is it a reason for why I began this blog.

However today I couldn't fight expressing my utter dismay in hearing the news that our beloved Curzon Soho could be under threat. The Telegraph ran a story on the 30th December claiming London Transport was earmarking the site for its £25 billion crossrail project, which would see the Curzon demolished and rebuilt as a ticketing hall! Curzon have yet to discuss the matter with TFL but rumours often turn to reality if we don't stand up and say No!

The Arts are underfunded as it is, with theatres facing loss of local funding up and down the country. Do these people not realise the millions of pounds the arts bring into our economy. Certain European countries do recognise their importance and fund them appropriately. Why can't we do the same? Why can't we facilitate and encourage the creativity in our artists? Why do they constantly battle for survival?

The Curzon Soho not only caters for the more independent film buff, it provides a beautifully inspiring space for people to meet in Central London.Having built it's reputation on screening the best of the Arthouse cinema being made across the world, this is where I often escaped to see those small yet beautiful films that never made the studio big release list. I would hate to see this place go, which would curtail a venue that prides itself on showcasing little publicised Arthouse cinema. Where will these film makers who struggle enough as it is to get their projects made, then show their finished films? Our independent film makers need a platform otherwise what is the point? They will be discouraged to take risks, make something different or worse still they could walk away into an altogether different career?

As an Ex Agent the thrill of seeing a first draft script make it into a finished film (with our client starring of course) made my job special.  Being part of something experimental that challenged the norm, that asked questions of society, was why I went into the Industry in the first place, hell it was why I decided to read Drama at Bristol University when I was thirteen. It is imperative that artists are given the credit and support they deserve, which is why they also cannot afford to lose any of the small number of venues daring to showcase non main stream work.

Let's hope the closure of the Curzon Soho is just a Chinese whispers without any foundation in reality but just in case it isn't, take a stand and sign the petition A couple of minutes of your time could make all the difference in saving this important part of our cultural heritage!

Image from Curzon Soho Website.