Happy New Year!

What a year that was!

The most life changing event of the year was our move out of London to the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside, we had enormous fun exploring our new county and making the most of the warm, long Summer in our big garden.

Creatively I've been challenged and encouraged in my photography by attending the wonderful workshops run by the ever inspiring Emily Quinton. Some of my most precious memories of 2014 have been with her and the group of fellow bloggers I was privileged to meet and befriend. Following on from these workshops, Instagram has been the significant discovery and obsession for me this past year, do pop over and follow me Through the blogging community a whole new circle of friends has been unearthed for me. Jeska and Dean, I'd like to give a special mention to for the magical gift they unexpectedly sent me just before. Jeska is the lady behind the award winning Lobster and Swan and her beautiful online emporium that she co runs with her husband Dean The Future Kept is so worth taking a look around.

Seeing my Matilda grow up just a little bit more, take our move all in her stride making it all the more smooth for us her parents. She is the source of much joy, that smile, that sense of humour and remarkable energy that keeps us forever on our toes.

Making some lovely new friends here in Cambridge, I'd like to say a especial thank you to our gorgeous neighbours Clare and Adam who've made us feel so welcome in our little street as well as being a fountain of all knowledge directing us to all the best places in the local area. I also want to thank the fabulous Mums at Matilda's new school who've also taken me under their wing during our weekly Friday coffee mornings, you know who you are!

2015 promises to be just as exciting as we begin the search for our forever house. My business has also gone from strength to strength in the last few months, so a huge thank you to my business partner, collaborator and good friend Bea. I'm looking forward to our exciting ride in 2015! I'm determined to develop and improve my photography whilst regularly updating this blog too. You may even see a new website at some point this year!

Lastly a very special thank you to my husband, Glen, without whose support and continual encouragement I wouldn't be here today. I can't wait for the adventures 2015 will hold for our little family! We're all about creating memories for our little girl that will arm her with love, compassion and confidence for the future...