A letter to Matilda on her Fifth Birthday...

Unashamedly inspired by Emily Quinton's beautiful letters to her children I decided to begin this yearly tradition with my own daughter, Matilda Rose. A wonderful keepsake for her in the future as well as a unique way to celebrate her birthdate...

Dear Matilda

Today you are five years old, you've been desperate to be five years old for quite a while now. It would seem in your mind that you'll be able to achieve all manner of things when you are five. With your unstoppable determination I'm sure you will.

It's been a year of change for our little family, especially over the Summer when you left the only home you'd ever known and your friends of the last 4 years and moved to Cambridgeshire. Mummy and Daddy are so proud at how you have adapted and handled this change, you were beautifully patient for that first week when Mummy unpacked, and Daddy was getting used to a new job. You explored the much bigger garden, you made friends over the fence with the lovely Sebastian who lives two doors down. Your wonderful conversations made us smile through the holes in the fence, the hot weather allowing you to make a lot of use of the two pools and football game Daddy had bought for you. Any doubt about whether we had done the right thing leaving London flew right out of the window as we have seen you enjoy the fresh air, the fields and the neighbouring wildlife.

We have continued to beam with pride with how you have thrown yourself into any situation including starting big school this Autumn. Without knowing a soul in your class you have now made some lovely friends whilst immersing yourself in school life without a word of complaint. In fact, you rarely complain you just get on with a situation throwing yourself in head first. Despite missing your friends and your two loyal Godsisters you are making a lovely life for yourself here, and for that we are thankful.

Fiercely strong willed (in a good way), curious, intelligent and creative you surprise every single day. Before having you I wished for a child that would be chatty, inquisitive, generous, polite, kind and above all loving. You know what? You have fulfilled all my expectations and more. Daddy and I couldn't have wished for a more beautiful soul. You affect everyone that comes into your life in a positive way, demonstrated by your visit to see your old friends from Queens Manor just after half term. I think you were in fact quite overcome by the wonderful reception. You are clearly cherished not just by us and your close family, but by those that come into contact with you. Even the ladies in the village bakery give you a big smile when you come bubbling through the door asking for your gingerbread man.

Your obsession with Scooby Doo amuses us and we indulged this at your party with a Scooby theme throughout, he was even the guest of honour causing a riot amongst your friends during the disco (yup Daddy did well!).

Five is an exciting age and we're looking forward to many more family adventures in the coming months, some just at home cuddled up on the sofa watching movies or lovely walks in the surrounding countryside or even further afield abroad. Our intention as parents is to create the most magical memories as we possibly can so you can carry them with you throughout your life. Top of our list is a night under the stars so roll on next Summer when you and Daddy will pitch a tent in the garden and sit out with your new binoculars! Keep being who you are, an enchanting, happy, cheerful little girl full of life with a big thirst for learning. I've no doubt that one day you will rule the world!

Love you forever my darling girl, Mummy xx