It's been a fraught few months with our move out to Cambridge, the husband starting a new job, Matilda starting full time school in a new place not knowing anyone. The impact has been felt here on the blog or lack of I should say. With my head full of home life and work there has been little room for inspiration.

Imagine my dread when my photography mentor Emily Quinton (you may remember me taking a couple of her one day courses this last year) set a new monthly challenge for her students; to take a photo that she'd publish on her own beautiful blog Makelight with the key word being 'Inspiration'. To be honest I've not been feeling terribly inspired! Personally it was a tough one, it went round my head for weeks and I just couldn't get the right photo.

Finally my thoughts turned to places that inspire me. The main one being an Art Gallery or Museum, so one afternoon Matilda and I set off to visit the lovely Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. As much a lover of museums as both her Mummy and Daddy, Matilda adores to whizz round picking out her favourite artworks. In fact when we left London one of her main concerns was 'would we still be able to go visit the dinosaur museum' ie: the Natural History Museum. We found a lot of inspiration within the building, but the simplicity of the entrance with its Roman stone pillars stuck me as particularly awe inspiring.

Here is my photo that finally made it's way to Emily. It's amongst fabulous company do have a look and check out how the other students have interpreted the word 'inspiration' too! Next weekend I'll be venturing down to East Sussex for a long weekend of photography and plenty of inspiration with Emily and a small group of great bloggers. Beyond excited I am, roll on Friday lunch time!

If you are interested in taking a Photography course I cannot recommend Emily's classes highly enough, she has truly encouraged, coaxed, inspired and taught me everything I know so far! Check out her online, weekend and day workshops here.