Holkham Halloween Horrors

If like us you are in North Norfolk for the next few days over Half Term with children in tow, take them along to the big Halloween event at the Holkham Estate.

A combined ticket gets you into the walled garden and grandiose house as well as the Bygones Museum. If you're not fussed about seeing the inside of these then there games, face painting and halloween crafts to be made around the bustling Courtyard. Although you will miss out on the fabulous spooky stories, our favourite Curiovan packed with curiosities, the biscuit decorating with Kiddy Cook in the kitchens below the stairs and seeing the wonderful Italianate house that is still occupied by the current Viscount Coke and his family. The house was completed in 1764 after taking nearly 30 years to be built, and is a fine example of Palladian architecture. The spectacular marble hall is a masterpiece in simple grandeur, if there is such a thing.

Since falling in love with Holkham Beach about nine years ago, we've been drawn back at least once a year, the distance has halved since we've been in Cambridge so I'm positive our visits will increase. It is a magical place despite it's enormity. The all encompassing Holkham Estate covers a staggering 25,000 acres which the public is encouraged to share and enjoy. It seems that the Viscountess takes a very active role in not only organising these kind of events at Holkham but designing them too, she was spotted in the kitchens just before our arrival so also enjoys joining in the fun.

Sadly with the clocks going back dusk was upon us by the time we left so weren't able to take advantage of the woodland play area complete with treehouse, that'll have to wait until next time.  Halloween Horrors is open tomorrow and then again Thursday so do pop in for lots of fun and spooky surprises!