A weekend of photography in Rye

Since the day Matilda was born the husband and I have only had a handful of nights away from her, this weekend was going to be a true test of endurance for me as I was not to see her or give her a 'huggle' from drop off at 8.55 until late Sunday afternoon. I admit panic began to set in when she begged me to come into the classroom with her for one last huggle. Of course I knew she'd soon forget and have a blast with her daddy, but this was about my feelings not hers. Needless to say she and the husband had a packed weekend of fun, barely noticing my absence.

It was the best reason in the world to be away from Matilda, a weekend with some super ladies taking photos, inspiring the creativity within each of us fuelled by good food and conversation. As well as all the wonderful learning achieved, largely thanks to one very special teacher Emily Quinton, we all opened up to share our lives, thoughts, ideas, ups and downs and our dreams for future ventures.

Removing oneself from ordinary day life for a couple of days to reflect and clear one's mind can have an thoroughly positive impact. I returned energised and ready to take on the world! I came away with a mind bursting with ideas, increased camera knowledge that will develop my style. Thank you to my wonderful co bloggers, I can't wait for our next reunion. Do go have a look at these ladies' work, I'm sure you'll be as inspired as me!

Here are a few images I took over the weekend at one of the most beautiful coastal houses I've ever had the joy of staying in, just a cough and a spit from the pretty village of Rye in East Sussex...there are more photos up on my Instagram so do pop over and have a look.