Hello September!

September is now here, normal service will be resuming after a whirlwind of Summer full of change here at Mrs roomtobreathe towers.

As you may remember we moved on the 22nd July to the outskirts of the ridiculously beautiful city of Cambridge after the husband landed himself a dream job here. My Virtual Assistant skills were put to the test as we had less than three weeks to move lock stock...not only that we found ourselves needing to find Matilda a school space without knowing the area we were moving to or having an address. Luck was on our side as we found a perfect little railway man's cottage to rent almost immediately, so the Husband could begin his job in comfort and not be staying in a miserable corporate hotel.

Matilda and I arrived with our 20 years worth of clutter the following week, I wanted to cry and run away when I saw the piles of boxes gradually getting bigger and bigger, as the removal men unloaded, until I could barely walk into each room. The first week in our new home was spent unpacking like a crazy woman so I could make a home for our little family whilst attempting to ease the transition for Matilda. The sorting will take a little while longer and will most definitely take place once Matilda begins her new school next week, but hot Summers call for outdoor activities. Even on days when I was so exhausted from the move I forced myself out for an adventure, I'm so glad I did as she has had the sort of Enid Blytonesque holiday I could only dream of as a child who was growing up in a city. It is a truly wonderful sight to see our little girl run free through the woods, along the fields grabbing wild flowers, trying to catch butterflies and taking time to admire the big skies.

We're nearly there now, feeling a lot more at home, not getting lost quite as much as the very early days, though quite honestly I think it's the best way to get to know an area! The beautiful weather sparked a number of picnics and making the most of the sweeping countryside that now surrounds us. There more Summer tales coming up but here are a few photos that perfectly sum up a happy first Summer here in Great Shelford filled with long days exploring, laughing, eating ham sandwiches and a great deal of cake...hope you all had a great Summer. We still have another week to go before Matilda begins her new school so we'll be off for a few more adventures in the meantime!